April 15, 2024


Yesterday  I wrote a post  about the Poldark series  and I  told you I was going to  write a post about my most  favorite  Poldark characters.  So here they are in no  particular order.

My first favorite character was Morwenna Carne  whose  maiden name was Chen worth .  So she was  Elizabeth’s cousin. ( I’ll talk about  her at a later time)   From the very first time Morweena  Carne  walked  on the scene in  season 3  I didn’t  really know she was  going to be one of my favorite characters in  the series. I  thought she was going  to be like another   adversary for the Poldark’s   but when I saw   that she was  going to be the governess for  Jeffery Charles  and then they introduced  Drake    and their   first  meeting I kind  of was like  okay .

Every   scene when she appeared  I was on  the  edge of my seat . Because I  already knew George was going to start something based off his actions from the previous  seasons but I didn’t know what  it was going to be  involving her when she was introduced.  I originally   thought he was going to use her  to spy on  the Poldark’s.  

I loved  all her scenes with Drake.  And  one thing  I liked about her  is she basically  gave her  life  for the one she loved  when she found out that Drake was possibly   going to   be in jail  or die in  jail because of what George did to lie on him about stealing the bible when it was just a gift given by Jeffery Charles.  

It was basically an  ultimatum  that George gave her  . She marry the vicar  or  have Drake  suffer. 

She  was one  of the few  characters along with Drake   that was  thrown in the  middle of  the  Poldark , Warleggan feud and  thus along with Drake had  to suffer  at  no fault of her  own  all because she  couldn’t help who she loved.  But she continued  to stay strong  no matter how  she was feeling or  what  occurred  in her  marriage to the vicar .  She held on to that notion that  no matter what she would  always love Drake.  

The indication for that  was when she kept the flower  petals from the flowers he left  at her door  pressed  away in a book.  She  never  gave up on their  love, even though  she gave  Drake some harsh  words  at times when she was hurting . And when she thought they would  never be together again.

One thing I didn’t understand though is why  she threw  away the shell bracelet  he made her .  When she did that it made me think she was going to give up on  Drake .  Because  that was like  one of the first gifts  he gave her to show  her  how much he loved  her.

She was  one of  the characters  where  I could actually  feel her  pain , and silent pleas.  Maybe  it was due to the character  being well written or  good  acting .   But all and all  she was a favorite for me.

My next favorite character  was  Drake Carne. Who was the brother  of Demelza . When  he first came on the scene also in season  3  episode 1 (in  the very first scene I  might add)  I  kind of knew he would have an important  role in the series .  

As  a  writer  I learned  you don’t introduce  characters  by name and  a main  action   within  the very beginning  of a main scene  or the  beginning of   a story  unless they have  an important role to play.   And as a screenwriter  with  years  of experience  analyzing  movies  and tv shows  it’s  easy for me to tell  when a  character  is  first introduced  whether that character will be  or is a main character, supporting character or has a  bit part (throw away character)  within the scene.

Drake was  sort  of like  a memorable character for me.   At  first I didn’t  expect   his  character  arc to be that long and  last  three  seasons.   He literally nearly  missed  death three different times . I was sure  his  character  arc  was going to be short.   He was  an interesting character  and   I liked   how  he was  very  kind  and  strongly devoted  to the  ones  he loved. He didn’t give up on  his love for Morwenna  even after she was married to  the  vicar .  

He  even told that to  Rozina .  It was like  he waited  on her and  I think  he  would have waited on her forever.

The  reason I liked  these  characters  especially  together is that  they  never gave up on their love for each other. They  were  thrown  into a circumstance   by no fault of their own  and they  dealt with it the best way they could  and stood strong  to  their beliefs  and  love . And in the end  they found each other  again  and was able  to be happy.  I guess it kind of had a  star crossed  lover  element  to their  character arcs.

Now a days you don’t see a lot of writers using that trope much. As a  writer  I haven’t used that trope yet either. But  I love reading and watching the trope being used whenever it’s possible. 

Another  character that  was  my favorite  was  Verity Poldark  Blamey. 

She  was by  far  one of the characters  that deserved  more  screen time  and  I wished  I had seen her character  more  in the later seasons.   Her character arc  had that same  star crossed  lover  element   to it   where she wanted   to be with the one she loved  but  couldn’t .  I think  she  deserved   better  from her family  because she  in the end   was kind of  like the  only  Trent worth  Poldark left  and she  deserved   love  too.  She  was  a strong woman   even though her family  treated her  like  she was  old and a spinster  at times . Also  in the end she   was able to marry  the one  she loved  with help  from Demelza. But she was star crossed with her lover Andrew for most of all season 1 . It was a good arc to see. It got really hyped when her brother pulled out the pistol and was like let’s dual. They pulled a Romeo and Juliet scene right at the very beginning. And liked that.

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