September 26, 2023


All this week I have been talking about   how  I just finished up with  my chapter 11 and  in my opinion a big reveal  . I  loved writing the  last scene in chapter 11  and in the  next  few chapters  there will  be  a lot   of other reveals,  reactions and  revelations  as  a sort of domino effect  from what happened  in the  last  scene of chapter  11.

And like   I said  that  last  scene is a  big reveal.   And  I hope it will be a big  reveal to the readers   and the readers  will  go  ” oh”  or “aha” . 

What  is a  Reveal Scene?

A reveal scene  is   usually a secret  that  suddenly  changes  the events   or reversal of  circumstances in the story. A  surprise   for both the reader and character .

In order  to be successful  in writing a reveal the writer must ensure that the  reveal will escalate the stakes and/or evolve at least one conflict. 

In my novel the reveal that I  left off  with in chapter  11  was that Sirena is actually a werewolf .  And  it surprises Adrian because he is the one  that  sees the reveal. Because   all this time he had thought  she was human.  Another  reveal that  I give off  in this scene to Adrian is that  she is not just a  werewolf like them but a somewhat powerful werewolf that he  has never seen before.   And this  reveal  will escalate the stakes fully  and believe   me will draw  in a lot of conflict  for all of the characters . 

What is a reaction scene?

Is the scene  where  a character simply reacts to what went on in the previous scene.  It starts with  a response  of what happened  and then  a  dilemma   or decision on what to do about  what was  revealed in the previous   scene.  It  gives the characters  time to process  what  has happened.  How will the character  use  their knowledge .

So Adrian’s   reaction to the big reveal of chapter 11 will affect every other character’s decision throughout the rest of the novel.

His reaction  is so  big and important because  he is the only  one as of  right now in my writing  that knows the truth  about  Sirena .   Not   even  Sirena realizes the truth about herself.   So Adrian right now is the most powerful person in the story . 

 Adrian   will  react kind of pompous.  He  will  not know  really   what to do with this  power he suddenly has  over  the rest of the characters  in my story.   And it is because   mostly he is a  teenager .   All  he knows  is his one goal .  Which  is to become  the alpha  of the yearling pack.  So   what goes through his  mind  instinct after  this scene  is to somehow  use  both  Sirena and her  power  to his  advantage  against Cristen  and the rest of the  pack.   This will create a lot of problems setting off a  domino effect throughout   the rest of the story.

Will he succeed?  Well sort  of I guess . I want him to.   This  however   will lead to revelations.

   What are Revelation scenes?

The final revealing  of  the  reveal  mostly  that solves that current  problem  in the story.  The actual whole  truth of everything.   But can also  create new conflicts or a complication to the  ongoing plot of the story. The  world of the story can either change or stay the same . But perhaps you might not want it to stay the same.  The revelations will  definitely  change the characters and should .  There should be a consequence for the characters  when  writing a revelation.

Because of the big reveal  in my  chapter 11   It  will definitely change all my  characters.  Some will hate themselves  as  result  of the  truth of the  events  that   will unfold   based  on decisions  after learning about Sirena.    

The world itself  will not really change  and there is defiantly consequences  to Adrian’s decisions that he makes  after learning about Sirena.  Sirena will have to face her  fears when she learns   the truth about herself.  Cristan will continue to struggle  with revealing  yet more secrets .  

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