September 30, 2023


You ‘ve all heard of the werewolves weakness in most fiction which normally consist of a moon curse and silver and throughout most fiction that is their greatest weakness.

But in my work in progress novel During the Blue Hour the weakness of my werewolves are kind of different which doesn’t involve a moon curse or silver as what I talked about before. So let me give you a little overview of what the weaknesses of my werewolves are but first let me mention some real world Research.


The following quotations are taken from L. David Mech’s 2003 book Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation. Mech (and the others who contributed to this book) is considered the world’s leading wolf biologist, and this book is a compilation of 350 collective years of research, experiments, and careful field observations. These quotes are taken from chapter 4, The Wolf as a Carnivore.

“Wolves usually tear into the body cavity of large prey and…consume the larger internal organs, such as lungs, heart, and liver. The large rumen [, which is one of the main stomach chambers in large ruminant herbivores,]…is usually punctured during removal and its contents spilled. The vegetation in the intestinal tract is of no interest to the wolves, but the stomach lining and intestinal wall are consumed, and their contents further strewn about the kill site.” (pg.123, emphasis added)

“To grow and maintain their own bodies, wolves need to ingest all the major parts of their herbivorous prey, except the plants in the digestive system.” (pg.124, emphasis added).


Although in real life wolves eat the internal organs of their prey they do not attack humans or eat them. In real life wolves are actually afraid of and shy to humans.


First off as I explained once before my werewolves are a creature called the Caninruh . A race of a non human species that is the spirit of an actual wolf . And like I said before silver and the moon curse does not affect them.

Their greatest weakness is:

The consumption of the human heart.

It’s the greatest and most powerful weakness of the caninruh race. Even though the human heart make them powerful and strong it weakens them making them go mad and eventually succumb to the madness and die .

So that is why they prefer to stay hidden away from humans. However the way caninruh go insane is dealt differently with each individual caninruh. Some can appear normal in their behavior but really are unmanageable and insane. Sometimes the caninruh after consuming a heart can catch on to their impending insanity and try to stop it however the insanity is only a magnification of their normal behavior they already had.

Some of their other weakness consist of strychnine poison, fire , a plant called the hul gil,(*I’ll do a post about hul gil later} . very amplified noises specifically a device used by hunters, and also animal cages which in my novel have gotten more technically advanced .

Even though immortal beings, the caninruh cannot heal themselves when fatally injured in any form. Only a caninruh with the celestial ability(*I’ll do a separate post about their abilities) to heal can heal any type of wound. As a result they can die ,they are vulnerable especially in beast form to traps, and hunters. They can be killed by another caninruh with excessive bites and or powers.


So this is my werewolves greatest weakness . If you liked this quick blog about my Work in progress world I will be posting more content like this and make sure you know that you can feel free to give me suggestions and feedback  on how  to improve During the Blue hour video concepts, blogs, short stories and more.


I have novel concept video that goes more in-depth on the Caninruh Werewolf and their  weakness  if you would like to see it.The CaninRuh- ( NOVEL CONCEPT SHORTFILM 4)

In the meantime let’s start a dialogue:

What’s your supernatural creatures greatest weakness?

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