September 30, 2023


Original post date:MAR 25, 2021 AT 2:54 PM

Just trying to figure out if anybody here writes or are interested in reading /werewolf novels? Not werecoyetes , kitsune, werecougers, the list goes on… but just straight up werewolves….? I feel like their is not enough werewolf novels out there. No one loves werewolves? I know it could get repetitive with the howling at the moon and wolfsbane or what not. But I’m sure just how people reinvent ways to talk and write about vampires and their origins(I’m not talking about the love stories either) . There are plenty of ways to reinvent the werewolf(not just romance) . in fact I am one of those people . I’ve done a lot of research over the years( by years i mean 12 year) and that’s the key (research) and I’ve managed to write a werewolf novel that doesn’t contain howling at the moon, werewolf bite, and wolfsbane. You want to see how ? I’m going to do another podcast episode coming out probably in another week and the episode will be all about werewolves. So if you are interested I’ll let you know when the podcast episode comes out. Its going to be alot of fun cause I found out a lot of cool information about werewolves and I want to share with you in case you didn’t know.

But anyways let me know what you think about werewolves ? Do you think they can be popular enough over vampires?

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