May 17, 2024


“Once upon a time there was an ancient land where wolves once ruled. But now the wolves are extinct. It’s been over a millennium and their existence is a mere fairytale, until they somehow appear again as angelic spirits with red eyes, seeking revenge.”

Seventeen year old Sirena ,  lives in the fourth world  Neoera. In the human terrain  city of North Sun, New Oasis, under the  governance of  the govern body Unitus. On her eighteenth birthday she will be tasked with becoming a  gatherer. A person  who explores the  desert wasteland outside the town for resources where large desert creatures are said to roam .   But all Sirena wants to do is dance ballet on stage. And so she prepares to compete in a dance competition  that will allow  her  to leave the town and  not become a Gatherer. 

But Her dreams of even dancing  starts to  unravel the day she  discovers a journal that was left by her absent father and says she descends from a  celestial race of extinct werewolf creatures called Canineruh. On her eighteenth  birthday she will become a spirit of a wolf and  her powers will prevent her from dancing and she will kill everyone around her.   She doesn’t  believe what is written in the journal and tries to ignore the prophecy. But then she finds the  dead body of her best friend in the mountains. It only gets worse when her  mother threatens to turn her into Unitus after she is blamed  for setting a fire during the  dance competition.  And when  werewolves from an ancient werewolf council start  to come after her to kill her.  She must now not only  fight for  her dreams of dancing but  search for a cure before her eighteenth birthday or risk destroying herself, her family and all of humanity to the secrets that have plagued her  entire world  for  centuries  .  

She finds both help and resistance from an orphaned yearling and his yearling pack. However, before she can get their help to find a cure she must first aid the pack in a fight against members of the werewolves’ ancient council. But by helping the pack poses an even greater threat to Sirena that she is not ready to endure.

DURING THE BLUE HOUR is currently in its 2nd draft , and is the first in a planned series.


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