May 18, 2024


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The best way I learned how to write  characters in certain  situations was not only to write an interview  sheet or questionnaire  but  I also took acting classes back when  I  majored in film  while  in college.  And I strongly believe every writer should  take at least one.  What does  acting have to do with writing  fiction  novels?

Well  in my opinion a lot really. 

Taking  the acting  classes allowed me to find out that actors want  the same  things that writers  want  for their  characters .They don’t  want card board cut out  characters. They  want  to be able to  live and breathe  them.

So like writers actors study  their characters . They  know them so much  that they know exactly what the character’s fears are.

And this is important to do this  for not only the actor but the writer.  Both actor and writer has  to be sure not give away too much  of the  character or give too little.  I know it’s  hard  but  if it’s done right both audience and reader  can ultimately feel the  emotion that  the writer and actor is  trying to convey .

Actors are also taught  to stay rooted   in the characters  POV.   By  learning this   through acting  it  helps the writer  do   that very thing and not to get sidetracked  by head hopping. 

Also when I learn about acting . I learned about how  to write better  dialogue . AND BETTER  SUBTEXT. There are number of  different ways to say something especially if you  forget your lines. No real thinking allowed.  You have to think  quick on your  feet .

Also you find out what creates  laughs, what incites  anger ,  what creates  the tears . 

Also how to deliver action.  Sometimes  when I sit at my desk and  I   write a scene  find myself acting act the action.   There  is also some deep  script  and character analysis   exercises  that  actors  have to  go through  in their classes   or training.  

There  are a thousand different ways to act a scene .  Like how you write a scene.

In an acting class you can go all out.    Act as wild and crazy  as you want  to develop  the character  to the  level   you feel is best .  The same  I can also say in writing.  That’s one thing I liked  acting  classes . You could have fun.

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