June 8, 2023


Yesterday I finished up with a third scene in the 12th chapter . Yes I’m still not finished with my 12th chapter. I have one more scene to write within this chapter . But this previous scene that I finished up yesterday was called All in due time and it was in the POV of my villain Xavier .

This is a continuation sort of scene that connects to the first two scenes in the chapter . It continues the reactions about the fire and who could of caused the fire at the celebration.

Xavier and Mary are walking through the crowd of people as the fire rages on and Xavier is frustrated with the whole situation . He wants to hurry up and find Sirena( which I mention their new goal in CHAPTER 10 THE VILLAIN NEEDS TO FIND MY MAIN CHARACTER SIRENA AND THE SNOW GLOBE APPEARS AGAIN) but Mary just simply , calmly tells him “all in due time”. Unlike Xavier she is in no rush to capture Sirena who they think is a mortal.

This scene goes in a little deeper to explain who Xavier is a little bit and what he thinks about mortals and being a Canineruh werewolf .

There is also the sense of a ticking clock with Mary’s reference. Which will ultimately show the reader that something is about to break and happen.

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Have your had a villain character who you wrote as a main POV character? Do you have a ticking clock in your novel?

I want to know so let me know in the comments below.

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