February 3, 2023


Have you ever wondered  what style of  writer   you were as  you wrote that draft  for the  next great  novel or novella? 

I have  once upon  a time.  But not so much anymore.  I believe  that  I am  in between. 

How  did  I get to that conclusion? 

Well   lets  first dive  into  what is a panster.

Pansters are writers  who  write their  novel  on the edge of their seats without  planning  .  They tend to not outline a thing.   They  choose  a  topic and  just   write.

Plotters  are the opposite  they plan every moment  and every scene of their  novel.  Even extensive diagrams  of family trees.

Okay  like I said before . I  am in-between  a panster and a  plotter. Why  you might ask?    Well I  didn’t intend for it to be that way.  It’s  just a  thing that  kind of happened .

I started off my first  draft  with  oh okay I’m going to plan .   I  plotted  for a whole  year  and   it went  well as   I plotted  out four  books for my series  and the  whole   1st draft but now I’m on the 2nd draft of my first book (10  years later)  and I  find myself leaning   more on the panster  side of things.   

I  find being a pantser as chaotic  sometimes . I don’t  know  but  when  I don’t  plan  my brain  tends  to get scrambled  like an egg . It’s  all  over the place. So this  is what I do which makes me a  pantser and  not so  much  a plotter  anymore . I plot  as I go?   So  let’s say  right I’m on chapter 11 .  This  chapter  11  for this  2nd draft  is not really  planned .  Its  revision. Yes . But  it’s not a planned  revision  where  I know exactly what I’m going to  write. Just  last week I added  two  scenes  within chapter 11  and then  I just keep moving  scenes around within chapters.

So  that  does  not make me  a  plotter  no matter  how much I  want to be. 

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