September 27, 2023


(this post includes spoilers)

I’m  writing another  tv show/ book  review summary  and this time it’s about an actual werewolf  show.The tv  show entitled  Bitten  is based  on the Otherworld series books by Kelly Armstrong about not  only  werewolves but witches  and vampires as well. 

This series  was  right up my ally  because I’m writing about werewolves but   I  avoided   the  book series   for  years  because in 2008  I started  working on my  werewolf  novel  series and I did not want to be influenced  by  her characters  and world  while writing  mine.

But  after all these years  as  I  have  my story world   figured  out and established  being on my 2nd  draft  I decided  to take the chance  to delve into Armstrong’s  Otherworld Series. 

I have not yet read the first book  however  it is on my book list to purchase and  I  have started  to look  at the tv series.  From my  research on the series  like  most  tv adaptations of books the  show  is  said to be widely different from the  book series .

So  now  on the  3rd season I’m  eager to get  ready to read the books after its completed.

The tv shows  main character  as is in the 1st book is Elena Michaels and she as we  find out through the first season  has been a werewolf for 4 years  . She was bitten by  her  former  fiancé/boyfriend   Clay who turned  her for I  think selfish reasons and at the start of the season we  see her  not with him  due to her I guess  running away from him and the rest of the pack.  The show gives the  reason is  because  she killed  someone   and so she wants to lead a  normal human life. But a mysterious line of murders  brings her  back to the  pack.

And so what  do I think about this so far as I am not finished with the tv  series?  Well now in the 3rd and last season I feel like the show is coming full circle .  Everything  that surrounded Elena, the main character,  at the beginning  of the series  of how she felt and what  she went through is making a lot of sense  now in the third season.  And  I  kind of  like it.  

The 2nd season brought the arrival of witches . I  like a good witch tale. However  I did not  like  this one  within this  tv series . It happened  so  abruptly  and  the story   of the  witches  within the series  compared  to the  werewolves  were all over the place.  I  felt like it intruded  on the werewolf tale  itself .  The main  witch storyline didn’t make since and   then it just ended . Maybe if they introduced the witches within the first season?

My  favorites points  within the series  was :

  • I liked  how the story itself  concentrated  on the pack  and the structure  of the werewolf  packs . (it concentrated on two structured  werewolf  types ;  pack members and mutts)
  • I like  their  wolf  transformations  and  how they  fully  turned into a  wolf.
  • I like that they were  trained  in human form  for combat  and the  fights seemed fairly  reasonable  for  a  werewolf  in its human form.  

My most  disappointed  points in the  series:

  • I didn’t like how any and all humans  were  killed   if they knew the secret of the werewolves
  • I didn’t  like  how  the  werewolf fathers  had to steal their  new born male child away  from  the mother  or either  kill them.

My  most  confused   moments :

  • Elena’s  storyline that  included  that  she  was the only  female  werewolf  in the whole  world.  None of the woman who were  bitten before  Elena  never survived .

Season 3   clears my confusion up about   that storyline however  I feel  like  the characters  don’t  take notice that the reason why she changed into a werewolf  when first  bitten by  Clay is because  she was  born by a  werewolf father  but then bitten.   That  confuses  me more .  Because  now  woman   can  actually be a part  of the pack and not  have to be killed  .   Idk maybe  they just don’t want to take that risk of biting the  woman  who are  born from the   werewolves .   It would clear  up a lot of sad moments though .

  • Killing humans  who find out  about werewolves.  

Okay  I kind of understand  why some  humans might  be killed   because  they  might  use  the secret against the werewolves .  However, they  didn’t  even give  humans  a chance  to decide  whether  or not  they were on their  side before killing them.  An example of that  would be Jeremy the alpha  of Elena’s pack  wanting to kill  Elena  when  she was human because he thought she saw  him  change  from the werewolf  .  

Another   example is when Jeremy  killed Karen Morgan  the  former  shieriff  of Bear Valley .  He  was going to let her  go but then she started  to talk about what she saw  which was Elena ‘s brother  turning into a werewolf .  However Jeremy  never  gave her  a chance to  even  say she would keep   the secret  of the werewolves.    Upon  viewing that   episode I  believe  she would  have kept  their secret  but  at  that moment   she was  just  confounded with  shock  because  she  just  found out that the world  actually existed .   Maybe  if she was just given a couple of days to wrap her head  around  everything she saw.  I mean  she did say before  she died  that  she was going to keep his secret of the werewolves.  But  it’s like he  didn’t care and it  was  that  moment  I  gave up  on his character  because  I tried to like  him but it was too  hard.

I mean  Elena showed herself  to Phillip  and he  kept the secret until  Jeremy’s  father  ordered  a kill   on him . 

And then Antonio changed  in front of his wife. She knew  what him and her son  were   and kept their  secret for years .  But the only reason why she survived  the series  is because  Jeremy  never  found out .

I  just felt  the  reasoning they gave for killing the humans who found out  were  kind of weak.

All  and all it was a reasonable series and  it has led  me to delve  deeper and actually read the books . 

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