May 17, 2024


I’m not going to be posting my chapters from my work in progress novel During the Blue Hour anytime soon. However I will talk about them and try to tell you why I wrote them  in a particular way.  

So my  chapter 1  is entitled  Dear Dad  and is in the pov of my main character Sirena. This is the first chapter  after the prologue.  Yes  I did write a prologue  , so what?    I’ll  blog about it later ..    

At the beginning of chapter 1  you  are introduced to  Sirena , the  main protagonist  of my novel  , who  is sitting on a mountain top  and writing  in her journal to her father. Her  father  plays a big part in the series  (spoiler)  even though  he will never  physically  be seen.   

She writes to him  hoping  one day he will appear.  And so on this day in the  first chapter she is sort of  distraught because she just  did something  totally not appropriate  and against the law.  Plus  she dreamt about  her father again and mentions it all to her father in the journal . 

This chapter  1  wasn’t always this chapter  1.  Even though I am  on the 2nd  draft .  I have already did many revisions of this chapter . 

One version  was of her waking up in her room hearing the howling of wolves in the mountains.   I CUT THAT for the chapter 1 but I do place it in another chapter.

Another  version was of her in  a dream.  Even though  dreaming will be  important   to my  character throughout my novel   I  ALSO CUT THAT .

My main character doesn’t know her real world yet . So I  felt like  by starting  it off with her in a situation where  she  can’t  choose and she  is  sort  of  put up against a   wall or corner  so to speak, not  only will  foreshadow what will happen to her  throughout the book.   But in this  chapter  I show she goes to the only  person she can really trust.  And that person is her  father, even though  he is not  there.  And   even though  she confides  to him in a journal .   And  even though  she won’t ever  get answers  back from him .  This  is also  a foreshowing for the series  itself  .  And I  can’t wait to  share  with you how  it all unfolds. I reassure you there is a lot of twist and turns.

The journal   is an important object  throughout  the  first book and it  might  be  in the 2nd book.  You’ll  see why  when I  talk  about the ongoing chapters in my novel. 

As of right now journal entries  written  by my main character Sirena will  be at  the beginning  of her pov  chapters always to her father .

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How did you write  your first chapter and why?  

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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