September 27, 2023
Chapter 10 is Called…..Confrontations?

Chapter 10 is Called…..Confrontations?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

So in my last  post  I mentioned that I started chapter 10.  I worked on it a little bit tonight. Got  674  words done so far on this chapter.  I ‘m still not done maybe one more  day or night  on this chapter and then I will go on to chapter 11. I feel like I’m on a roll  right now. I’m able to focus and get these chapters  completed for now  although my goal  is to try to finish this draft hopefully  by the end of the summer.

So yesterday I never mentioned specifically what this chapter was about so I will now.

In this chapter it’s the 1st love interest to Sirena  and 2nd POV character  named Cristan  who is the alpha  of the yearling pack .  I’ll  talk about him a little bit more in other post and podcast episodes in the future.  Although he is featured  along  with the rest of the yearling pack  in my novel concept shortfilm 6   if you want to take a look at that. I also mention him in one of the podcast episodes about  multiple  pov here.

Anyway in this chapter Cristan gets confronted by Adrian(the 2nd love interest to Sirena) about  Sirena being  up in the mountains. Cristan tries to look to Chemsen the earthdiver Raven  for  advice on how to be  a leader and alpha   but  it’s  too late  and his  arguing causes  Adrian to   run off this time for real. ( because in previous chapters he also ran  off) I’ll  go a little in-depth about Adrian later.

So yeah  this what my chapter 10 is currently about . He  has to confront the yearling pack and try to tell them the truth because what do you  know he is the alpha  of their pack.   I  don’t know how  it will end though because Cristan  is just  I guess  not a  good alpha  or he just doesn’t want to be . But will see  how this chapter  ends….

Oh  yeah forgot  I don’t know what to call  this chapter  yet.  Confrontations? Although  their  is a lot  more towards  the end of the book. 

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I have a novel concept video that goes more  in-depth on the Last Arctos Pack if you would like to see it.

In the meantime let’s start a dialogue:

What does  your chapter 10 look like? What is it called?

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