July 20, 2024


The Day After , Edvard Munch 1894 Public Domain

I’m  halfway  through  chapter  11  with currently 938  words  for the chapter itself. 

Let me go further and explain.

Chapter 11 is called Hangover and it takes place a day  after  my main characters sees  the werewolves  in the mountain. 

She’s not  going  to leave it alone that there  might be werewolves  in the mountain or that her best friend might be up there. 

So in the scene  that I  finished  yesterday for this chapter she asks her friend for a favor to use  his jeep to go up to the mountain in secret . But  the  friend  does something better  he offers to go with her.

In the second scene I’m currently working  on the  2nd love interest Adrian  who is a werewolf enters the human town for the first time.

I  named  the chapter hang over  because  everyone including  her friend  mistakes  the main  character  for being  drunk the night before

We all know  that a hangover is an unpleasant feeling after  consuming  too much alcohol. The world seems  to spin . Your either dizzy  and  irritable  or anxious. That’s an alcohol  hang over.

But  the full  historical definition of a  hangover  is the sense of a survival, a thing left over from before. Something  uneasy.

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