November 30, 2022


From angels  to elves,  and especially  vampires who can live for  gazillion of years , you say immortality is always a given when writing  supernatural  creatures .  But  what’s  the immortality  of  werewolves look like ? Can  they  usually live forever  in fiction?  Let’s  explore  the immortality  of  werewolves  within fiction.

First what is immortality within the context of supernatural creatures ? 

Immortality is usually explored in fiction  to explain the theory  of death and  existence  as a  whole.   

Immortality  to humans  are  where  the human is usually exempt from death. Eternal everlasting life  where  we can cheat death  in a  magical way.  The human does  not and cannot die.

As in terms  of  supernatural or mythological creatures.  The creature cannot  be harmed  in anyway and they  live forever. 

There are usually five  types  of immortality:

  • Prolonged  lifespan or  eternal youth.:  where   a being lives  and stays  young but they can  be killed if mortally wounded.( most common in  fiction  and explored through objects such as the fountain of youth or a magic  elixir) 
  • Undeath  immortality –  where a being  has died  but they are still  alive . (example vampire  or zombie)
  • Reincarnation immortality – where a being  dies  but  comes  back to life  over and over  again  in different  forms.
  • Postmortality-  where  a being lives on in the afterlife after  they die.  ( examples  of post mortality  is usually explored  in many  cultures famous ones  being heaven and Valhalla )
  • Absolute immortality – is where  the  being cannot be harmed in anyway  or  die  at all and is basically indestructible  and then is one  of the reasons why it can be explained  why immortality  is  used as a curse in some fiction  novels.

Now let’s  delve into werewolf  immortality  and if it  is possible. 

In  my  research from  most  sources  say that in  werewolf folklore  a werewolf  in not immortal  because they can die  of their  wounds and  the closest  thing I found of  werewolves being  immortal is when talking about the Wendigo.( I will have a separate post  later about the wendigo) 

Werewolf folklore says  werewolves  in general can have a long lifespan close or up to  over 2000 years. Thus making their ageing process slow.  In  other words they can still look forever  young  similar  to a vampire  in a way  except they are not  dead.

They  can also heal themselves .   If they shapeshift more they are said  to stay younger  longer  than some .

But if the  definition of what immortality is true.  Then  original folklore about werewolves not being  immortal is not  true.

Infact they might  just be immortal if you take  and  use  the prolonged   lifespan / eternal youth  type   immortality .  

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