May 18, 2024


Let me  tell you  how the tv show Merlin inspired  my current characters for my  work in progress  werewolf novel During the Blue Hour. I probably talked about this before  but my love  of Merlin the tv show has spanned  many years since the show aired on BBC.  I still rewatch  episodes every year and when I  find a  chance I try to read as many tales about the  historical   legend as I can  because I love  history  and I love the show.  The way  they embodied each character and brought to life these figures of  historical  accuracy  myth or legend was  ingenious and I wished they  had continued.    And whether  merlin, king Arthur, Guinevere , and the knights of the round table was actually real or not .   That’s a whole other discussion  I would love to talk about one day with other fans.

Of  course  with me being a fan  it wouldn’t  be so farfetched to believe  that   the writing  of such magnificent  characters  would inspire my own.   Although  I’m writing in a whole  other genre (paranormal /fantasy/ werewolves)  I  have  it in the back of my mind and written on the page some  influence of the  Merlin Characters .

There are  three  characters  from Merlin that have influenced  three of my characters .


So  the  first one is the character Merlin himself.  Even though my book has nothing to  do with sorcerers or  witches  or even ancient Welsh or Britan lore .  The character Merlin embodies the love interest  Adrian within  my novel who I see is sort of resembling dark Merlin  when I see  merlin ready  to use his magic  against an opponent.

My character Adrian although is very dark and stays dark and doesn’t get to really see the  softer side of him.

Think of if Merlin was  turned into a  more  edgier darker   character than he was already.  I mean those scenes where  the ones would get him mad . They were intense .

And so  especially  when Merlin would  use a sword  . He didn’t use it that much but when  he did .  I loved  it. 

My character Adrian  uses a sword too .  He is a werewolf and has this other power  connected to his werewolf ability where he can ignite force fields with his sword  but it actually come from the energy within his own body.  In 31st chapter of my novel  is where you  will see his  abilities  flourish as he faces off one on one with the werewolf antagonist  Xavier.

Another character is Kilgharrah  the great  dragon . 


Since I loved and enjoyed the characteristics and qualities he had   when I first  created my earthdiver raven  character  I thought of  Killgarah . 

A character who basically talks  in riddles and doesn’t tell  the whole truth.  I feel like that was strongly   Killgarah .

I mean  when reading my earthdiver character people  will not really notice  but  the  idea behind his character  is because  of my love for the Great Dragon character Killgarah. 

My earth diver raven character named Chemsen  is the guardian  of the werewolves but he likes  to play jokes and riddles  on them especially  the yearling pack that is in my story . However, he does  save my main character Sirena and the rest  of the yearling  pack a couple of times.  He just  does it in  his own way .  Much like Killgarah did things in his own way . I loved  it . Every moment on screen had me  laughing.   He didn’t let anyone  mess him around you know  and my character does  that same thing 

And the third character I use as  influence is Arthur.


 My earthdiver raven character when transforming  into his human form  has  the qualities  and characteristics  of Arthur and will even look like him a little bit. The  first glimpse of his human form can be seen briefly in my chapter  2.    

So there you have  it how the tv show Merlin inspired  my characters  for  my  werewolf novel During the Blue Hour .

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Are you a fan of  Merlin the tv show? What tv show or book  inspires  your characters?

I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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