June 8, 2023


A During the Blue Hour Short Story

This is an excerpt from my next short  story.  Entitled IN THE  HOUR OF HUMANITY  a  During the Blue Hour Short story. I wrote a post about it  a couple of weeks ago My Deleted Character, Zios Short story coming soon…

It’s not yet finished. It  currently has 4516 words  but I need  your honest opinion  on this  because  I am preparing this short  story  to publicate it as a e-book coming out soon. So please try to enjoy the  read and give your  honest  opinion and thoughts down below  in the comments. 



Zios sat in his wheelchair at a table in his house as he held a small pointy carving tool in midair. He stared at the carvings he had made over the years.  The carvings were made of soapstone and other material.  They were carvings of bears, wolves and the mortals of the land. At one time he had always looked down on the mortals of the land, calling them things. The ones he once knew also looked down on the mortals of the land as well.

 He had been very grateful to the mortals of the land. He owed them a lot. For without them he would not know humanity. After so many years of living and knowing humanity he did not have much time left.  His curse, his disease was coming to an end.  With that he felt grateful for. But the way it ended was not normal. 

He sighed and threw the carving tool down. He pushed away from the table and wheeled himself to the nearby window. He stared down at the wheelchair and at his legs. He banged at his legs. He could not feel them anymore. He could not feel them- the hul gil, a special magical plant, that usually kept his humanity strong and his natural self at bay was making him sick. If he had known that the hul gil was going to make him sick he would have never used it.   But without the hul gil he would transform into his natural self.  His real self.  He was not going to allow that to happened. He would let the hul gil take him.

However, as that hul gil took him leaving his body slowly, it also had his memories rambling, and spiraling all over. He was an old man now. But Zios remembered.  He had lived before. But not in the way other mortals lived.  There was centuries worth of memories. Centuries worth of lost.  Centuries worth of change. He stared out the window.

The Land changed.

Everything changed. 

The houses outside were on stilts.

Jeeps rode past. 

Vapor from factories blew over the town.

 Nightfall was arriving too early.

The sun looked as though it was dying out.

 He grunted.  There was no more time.

His memories rambled.

Paw prints in the snow; he walked on and on, night and day… 

Did he remember?

Yes, he remembered. 

The land was bare. ..

There was fire in the air.  ..

The sky was not blue but dark. …

His memories spiraled.

 Paw prints in the snow?

He panted … dying of thirst, and food. .

He was lost. ..

He was losing his memories  more and more each day.  But he could not let them go.  He could not forget. He was not going crazy.  No. He saw it clearly- his memories, and how he became this human like creature. Yes, he saw it, how the hour of humanity began from wolf to man…