May 18, 2024
Last Scene Sneak Peak: Running with the Wolves

Last Scene Sneak Peak: Running with the Wolves

(Update about During the Blue hour)

I’m coming close to finishing up the 2nd draft of During the Blue Hour with six chapters left. I have alot planned for the completion of this draft. Getting ready to gear up for beta readers and more edits also new videos will be posted to the discoveringthebluehour youtube channel about werewolves and its lore.

Here is a sneak peak/ snippet of my last scene with the song that has inspired me to write it. If you would like to have a discussion about it leave your thoughts on thr youtube comment section running with the wolves.

LAST SCENE : Transforming into her large white canine, Sirena ran following the others, howling before the dawn of sunrise, during the blue hour.

SONG CHOICE : playlist for the last scene: running with the wolves

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