March 5, 2024


I’m on the roll  with watching and reading  historical  dramas  for some reason.  I  don’t  know why. I just can’t stop .

 A  couple of  days ago I  just  got finished  watching the Poldark  Series  . The  one with Aidan Turner  from 2015-2019.  Have you watched it yet?  I had  tried to watch  the  series maybe a  year ago  but I just couldn’t  get into it but I  saved  it anyway.  And  I started  to attempt to watch the  series again  a couple of  weeks ago . And I must say I am glad I did watch  the whole series this time . I was  sad to see it end. The series  itself ended  on a cliffhanger  on season 5 . 

I wanted  it to go on forever  because the books  series  has a much longer  story to it.  Perhaps  I need  to add  the book series to my summer book  list.  

POLDARK is  basically  about an English Captain named  Poldark  who comes  home to Cornwell  after 3 years of  fighting in the American Revolution. The  series follows his life and the  life of his family and community .  

I can’t say I  loved it as much as  the Outlander TV  SERIES.   But there  were  these  pockets of favorite moments and scenes  in the series  that are going to be memorable  for me  and maybe get me to rewatch it. 

There  were  favorite   characters  that I couldn’t   wait  for their  scenes  to come back on the screen .  Maybe because the actors  were so well  suited  for the character .   I don’t  know but they did a good job. 

There were  also those favorite characters  you love to hate  and every  moment you  watched  you wished they got  their comeuppance.  But dammit   that moment never  came.  But  boy  did that keep me on  the edge of  my couch .   It was  rather  exciting . 

I’m  going to write another  post about my favorite  characters  and favorite  most hated characters  from the TV Show Poldark.  So look  out for that . I  can’t  wait to show you .

Image by Luzie1973 from Pixabay

I  kind of have a secret  interest, obsession  and  love  for  all  things  about pirates .  In college I  even made a  magnetic  pirate  board  game.  I got  a  B-  on it  but hey .  Can’t please  them all.  

With that thought  the current show I’m now  watching  is BLACK SAILS.

 BLACK SAILS Its  a prequel  to  Treasure Island I’m  only  on the 2nd  episode of the 1st season right  now. So  it’s  really early  to tell  whether  I  like  it right now for its story. But I’m willing to give it a chance. Since they introduced Long John Silver  and made a  mention  of Black  Beard (I  would say in a pretty crude manner) . So   I’ll let you know   how  it goes  for me  with this  show in  another  post..

My current read as of  now  is  the first book in the OUTLANDER  SERIES .

I  will  also write an individual post on this  as  I  read through it  .  So there might  be  more than  one.   I’m not as   fast a reader as  I once  was (okay so  a couple   of months ago I  did read  a VC  ANDREWS   novel in like two nights . But that’s different.  It was a much  faster  read. And it  was DAWN.  Who doesn’t  love that book)  

Well  anyways   I’m only on chapter  2  in OUTLANDER  (so if this was the  tv show it’s  still the pilot)  and  I must say that so far  the book  compared  to the pilot of the tv show   is a breath of   fresh air.  Its  filling in the blanks  of  certain things that was missing  completely in the  pilot .   I’ll explain how on  another post.  But  I’m going to keep on reading   it and I’ll let you know  how it goes.

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DO you like historical fiction ?   What is your  favorite  historical drama?

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