April 15, 2024
My top 3 Questions for  Creating a Writer’s Pinterest Account

My top 3 Questions for Creating a Writer’s Pinterest Account

You want to know a secret about me? I ‘m not  really keen about social media . I  hate  it.  But  in this day  and age social  media is the king and  the  go to for all  types of business and  everything  else you can  imagine when it comes to marketing  your brand.   So whether  a person  likes to or not  they have  to use  social media to interact   with the world and their audience. 

This is only my opinion  but I feel like  for new writers and authors  it  is a catch 22  situation.  Especially  if you are an independent or freelance writer  like me. Those old days  when the publishers  market  your work for you   has  come and  gone.  Even then  I feel like  that was an old wives tale .  You  still had to market yourself back then too. Today  you’re  only lucky  for  someone to market your book  if  you have  a number 1 bestseller.  So  independent  writers  must  market themselves.  And is  widely known that  you should always try to  grow your  brand or awareness  of who  you are  before your book  comes  out for publication.  That  leaves us with social  media. Like  I said  I’m  not so keen  on using  social media yet  I’m using this blog  to  tell  you my opinion. I never really  did well on  other social media sites but  I’m  pushing forward  and will make my books  known  wherever  I can.

So  today I’m working on  researching  a  Pinterest account for Discovering the  Blue Hour Podcast . I never really delved  into Pinterest before. 

 I  was told about Pinterest through a friend  . I don’t really know anything about  it.  The closest comparisons I  came to for it was it’s like Instagram. But I never really  did  well  on  Instagram.  However  I thought  maybe  I’d  give Pinterest a chance.  

But I  have some  questions first before  I dive  head first in another social media  account. Here are my top 3  questions  for creating a  writer’s  Pinterest account. 

  • How can I use Pinterest as a writer?
  • How will  Pinterest  help me  move forward as a writer and author brand ?
  • As a writer  what are  my goals for a  Pinterest account ? 

These are the 3 questions I’m exploring  about  Pinterest as I research to open my account.  I will get back to you on my results later. 

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Do you have a Pinterest account?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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