September 25, 2023
Naming Chapter Titles

Naming Chapter Titles

One  of the main  things  I  been  struggling with back and forth while writing my novel is determining chapter  titles   throughout the book. That might seem  like an  insignificant  detail that you   really don’t  have to worry about.  Besides  there is no right  or wrong  way to name a chapter.

But did  you know chapter  titles can determine  whether  or not the reader is  interested in your  work and will read on?   I didn’t   really know that  at first until I  researched it. 

So now that I’m in my  2nd draft  I’m  kind  of scrambling to  figure   out what  I want to name my chapter  titles  instead of the  original chapter  1, 2,  and 3 .

There are  a few  types of chapter titles one can use for their books. I will be talking about two.


I   like to call  this the original titles  where we put   chapter 1, chapter 2  or chapter 3 at  the top of the page  at the beginning  of the  chapter scene. 

What is wrong with this one? 

Well in my experience  it’s a little too boring.   The reader doesn’t get an idea  of what they are  about to read when  going on to the next chapter  and then  you might be changing  POVS  and then the reader might be confused.

In my  second draft I stopped going with the  numbered chapter   titles.    But I’m  still scrambling.


I decided that I wanted to name my chapter   titles  when I  was half way  into my 1st draft .  A  phrase  that was about the chapter.

But  this task  I  have come to realize now that I am in my 2nd  draft is rather complicated.

So    Im  going  back and forth  thinking  I want to name my chapters  by the name of  the  character pov  that I am writing.   That way the  reader will know which  characters  head  there in. 

But here is another issue I’m having.  I  also want to name the chapter a simple   phrase  that has to do with the chapter . How  do I go about doing that while  still  having the  name  of the character?

So  I just got it in my head to do  this one little experiment.

I  will split the book  itself into  parts where  there  will  be a title  for  each  section and then within those section  I  will name  the individual scene chapter   after  the pov  character. 

That is the only   good  option I  can  see  in  naming the chapter titles .

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How  do you name  you chapter  titles?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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