December 8, 2022


When I first started  my During  the Blue Hour  series  project.  After writing  my first draft  in the  interim  of revising and going into my  2nd  draft which I’m currently  on.

I  read  my complete  first draft  and then  I  went line by line, made  notes  and  then went scene by scene and started  voice recordings of what I wanted to change . This was done for every chapter within my 1st draft in 2013. Yes I still used a cassette player or cd back then.

Oh I am so glad I did this. Because you know  what? At this moment at a time where I’m  diving right into my  2nd draft and trying  to remember things   I   thought  I wrote down ,  which appears  I  never did,  well  I recorded it  in voice notes .

And the other day I found these  voice notes and sat down and listened to them and  well I’m so glad I found them because  they are filling in the blank  spots of my mind where I want the story  to  go.   I got  a lot of voice notes and a lot to go through .  I’m  sure I’m going to have some great finds  that   will help  me with my 2nd draft. Because I  sort of misplaced   the annotated  versions of my  first drafts so yeah this is helping me a lot.

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Have you ever recorded voice notes for your drafts ?

I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.