September 27, 2023


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How do you feel as a writer reading books outside the genre or subject you write while writing?
Recently I just came upon this tv show and the reason I mention tv shows because most tv shows are based off novels that writers have written. Well anyway I came upon a tv show called Heirs of the Night. Has anybody heard of that tv show? I never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago but its about a clan of original vampires who are being chased by Dracula in the 1800s over some rubies that were apparently Dracula’s tears and its pretty interesting . I looked at the whole show and researched it and found out that it is based on a book of the same name.

I really wanted to read this book because like I said it was very interesting and its a whole series of books but guess what? I can’t read it. Why? You might ask. Well its because all the whole series is in German. I’m not upset about that but its what it is I guess. So I Just have to wait and hope one day their will be an English translation of the books.

That would have been the first book I’ve read in months as a writer. Lately I Haven’t been able to pick up a book to read while writing. And that’s usually how it goes for me because I don’t want to read something and then subconsciously put it in my novel. And that is of course why If anything I opt to read books out of my genre or subject matter. That still hinders me as well though sometimes.

Like right now I’m writing about werewolves. But I won’t read a book about werewolves while I’m writing. if I could have been able to read That vampire book it would have been a nice refresher outside my brain clutter. The thing is I haven’t been able to read a vampire novel since the early 2000s and that book was Twilight. And maybe that’s why. but that Heirs of the Night series seemed pretty interesting.

So the book I’m attempting to read now since I can’t read the Heirs of the Night is Tolkien’s, The Fall of Arthur. Because I love me some king Arthur mythos. Haven’t attempted to write king Arthur yet but maybe one day. If any writer on here has written a King Arthur novel let me know and I will purchase that book in a hot minute.

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