March 4, 2024
Review of Melody by V.C ANDREWS

Review of Melody by V.C ANDREWS

Melody (Logan, #1)Melody by V.C. Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I reread V.C Andrews books at least once a year. And now I’ve come back to the Logan Series again and I don’t understand all the hate in the Logan series. The fact that many people have said the series itself was boring. But I digress. I think it’s something mysterious about the book being set in Cape Cod. I haven’t read the Logan series for years and so right now I’m on the 2nd book again.

But the Logan Series was one of the only V.C Andrews books without actual incest within the family . Okay of course you have the mother Hallie at the beginning of the series has married her 1st cousin Chester but in my opinion I don’t think she was actually ever intimate with him because she sought other men and that’s why I think she tried to keep it hidden from her daughter Melody . Chester himself of course knew about her affairs and of course he was upset but he knew he couldn’t do anything because as you later find out they were 1st cousins. This is only my opinion though .

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