March 20, 2023
RUN : A Scene in the 13th Chapter & Changes

RUN : A Scene in the 13th Chapter & Changes

The 13th chapter  entitled Dagger of Memories continues  in this 2nd scene where I have Cristen  coming  face to face with the council  who is in  werewolf form . The scene  ended  with a  total of  704  words.


In the last  scene that I wrote a couple of weeks ago  Sirena and her friend Eli  went up the mountain in search  for their friend Gabby  .  However  I ended with  Sirena and Eli in danger as Sirena suddenly screamed because of a loud piercing  noise  that she heard in her head and  Eli  trying to help her. But before he can two  growling  werewolves  stand behind him.

Last  time  I was  trying to figure out whether  I was going to have Adrian come save the day but  I decided to have Cristen come to the rescue this time but just in this scene.


Cristen and the rest of the  pack are coming from the  town with their divers  mud  on (I will write a post later about divers mud)and they are  following  Sirena’s jeep  that they heard go up the mountain. 

Cristen  at this point is kind of in a funk because  he had  to learn through  Adrian that Sirena was one of them a canineruh  werewolf.  He not only blames himself but the  earthdiver  that continues to taunt him. The earthdiver  he believes  should have told him about Sirena not Adrian.

He hears  the earthdiver taunting Sirena and the council in werewolf form getting ready to attack Eli.  And so he races  to  them . Trying to get the council away from Sirena and  Eli  he  tells them to run but  they are frightened . So he  knocks  Eli out to distract the werewolves and  urges  Sirena  to run .  As he  fights the  other  werewolves  off but they are  too strong  .  They don’t go  for Eli  but  instead   they run after Sirena.


So  that is the  whole  of this scene.  I wasn’t really going to write it this way and going to let  Adrian save her from the  members of the werewolf council  but in my 1st draft Cristen  saved  her from them.

There is a difference in this draft  vs  my 1st draft.  In the first draft  this particular scene is in Sirena’s POV and she already  found Gabby and in this scene in my 1st  draft there is no Eli.  In  the first draft  within this  scene she  constantly blacks  out and then Cristen changes  into his werewolf  form to  fight  the council. But in this draft he doesn’t because of the barrier  of the diversmud which keeps him from changing .   He also  in the first draft is able  to  weaken the council  members  making them  run off and leave Sirena behind.  But in this draft they are too strong for him and  I’m guessing  that would make sense because  they are centuries  old and he is  only  a  teenager.  So there is a lot of changes  within  this scene.

Cristen as a  character struggle a lot  because of his powers  so I  have him continuing  his internal struggle  with himself that is continued to be acerbated by the  earthdiver even as  he battles the council members this first time.

The next scene will be in Sirena’s pov .

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