July 20, 2024
Some Alpha You Are CHAPTER  14

Some Alpha You Are CHAPTER  14

Completed yet another scene for  my  14th chapter in my 2nd draft .  2750  words, not all in one  day  though.

This scene  features  the  main love interest  Cristen’s POV where  he  has to  struggle  and come to terms  with his mother lying to him about who Sirena really  was and  is in fact also a werewolf  like them.

This  scene is yet another  confrontation with him and Adrian about who Sirena really is and what she means to the yearling  pack at this point .

This  scene  does contain a flashback scene with Cristen interacting  with both  his parents  before they were killed .

In the  flashback scene it  reveals that Cristen’s mother  gave him  Sirena’s  father’s journal that tells who she is.  But his mother tells him no matter  what happens don’t ever read the book just give it to Sirena when the time comes.  And  she also has him believe that Sirena  is just a  human girl.

So this is why he as my character is seen struggling.

He is supposed to be an  alpha  but doesn’t know the truth to anything .  And he is mad because his  rival  Adrian knows  more about Sirena than he does himself.

And the thing is in my  story is that he cannot be challenged as an alpha unless  he is in  the community  of werewolves  during their  ritual bluffing ceremonies . So Adrian  tries  to make  little  small jabs at Cristen  whenever  he can get the opportunity to  because Cristen knows that Adrian wants to be the alpha of the yearling pack.

So this  is the point of where I’m at  and  at the end of the scene Cristen screams  towards Adrian ,

” Until we get to Aquilum, don’t you dare challenge me again,” he said. Before Adrian or anyone could object Cristen picked up the book and raced out the door.     

Adrian just spilled  the info that Cristen is the one who killed Gabby in the mountains.

The next chapter  will be back in Sirena’s  POV .  I’ll keep you updated on this  next scene  within chapter 14. I’m thinking about combining two scenes into one for that scene  .

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Have you ever had a character who belief system as they know it was broken down because they were challenged by the other characters?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments below.

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