December 8, 2022


I’m  now   completely  finished writing chapter 11 . I  finished last  night completing the last section  off with 1211  words.   All  together  the full  chapter  ends  with 4636  words .   The  overall 2nd draft so far  is  now  at  32969   words.  I am now considered in the  First Pinch Point–Midpoint  of the novel( I will   talk  more about my reservations and worries of this in one of my next post) 

I’m reconsidering a lot since  I fully  finished   this chapter .  One thing I  reconsidered since I added  the last  scene to the chapter is  changing the chapter name to Stealing  Hearts. 

Why did I change  it?

Because  the last scene  I   wrote   to my opinion is a very impactful scene   that I feel  drives the story   further. This scene was also in my  1st draft and I leave most of it  intact  in this  2nd draft .

The last  scene  that I wrote is a  reveal scene.   And everybody likes a reveal scene , right?

In this scene it  is through the eyes  of Adrian,  one  of the love interest  of  the main character Sirena. This is the moment he finds out Sirena  is  not  human at all  but one of  them .  A  Caninruh  werewolf.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

With  this reveal he  is both  confused,  amazed  and frightened .  Because he sees powers  displayed  from a  werewolf  he has  never  seen before  as  Sirena  astral projects  her  Caninruh  beast  and  literally  starts  to steal  the hearts  of the crowd while dancing with her friend and dance partner.  He hurriedly rushes to  stop  her but can’t .

 I leave the scene open ended .  Like  Sirena is lethal   and she doesn’t  even know it.  But  now  the only  one that knows it is Adrian. 

He is definitely going to use this knowledge  about the truth  of  Sirena to  his advantage   against Cristen in order to become  Alpha of the yearling pack.  

But  how?

Well you’ll see.   I will  keep  you updated  as I proceed with the  remaining  chapters.

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