July 20, 2024
Struggles with Additional Storylines in My Work in Progress Novel

Struggles with Additional Storylines in My Work in Progress Novel

I  don’t  know if any of you writers  have these  same problems but  ever  since I  started my 2nd draft of my work in progress  there  is always   moments that’s hard for me  because  as  I write  there are a lot  more scenes and plots I  want to add in the novel.  And I know I can’t because there are  already scenes that  I had to delete  and  characters  I   had to delete   with their  plot lines.    

I  started to create  these   short film   concept  videos for my novel.   I don’t know if you have seen them on my blog.   But as  I ‘ve created   them more  I’ve  received more  ideas for plotlines   and character arcs. But  where  do I  put them?

For instance  one of  my werewolf  yearling  characters  Bastian who is in almost every scene  with the POV character   Cristan ,  has  a  really interesting backstory  and story period .  And  I put part of that in my video  The  Last Great Arctos Pack . He  is one of my orphaned   yearling  who  yields  fire and he  wants to find out who killed  his mother and  pack.  He is very  curious about the human world and   I want to put that in  like a full  storyline  for him .  Ultimately his storyline will be important  to  my novel series as well. . 

 I hint at little points of  his storyline  through  Cristan   because  Cristan can  read his  emotions  and tell what he is thinking. Like in the chapter I  just finished up  Cristan and the  rest of the pack  have  just encountered humans for the first time  and Cristan senses  a  strong reaction  from Bastian but why?  I keep it unanswered and say Cristan  doesn’t  want to intrude  in his friend’s thoughts.     I can’t   just   compact his storyline in this one novel .  It would   be too cluttered , right?  

I want to explore and  answer  these three  questions :

Why  is he so curious  about  the human world?

What really happened   to his mother  and pack?

Did the Castus Healers( exorcist  who believe they can heal the werewolves and turn them  human. I ‘ll talk more about them in a later post.  They  play an important  role in the  series ) kill  his pack?

Bastian  also has another  side storyline in the 2nd novel  that involves  his future  mate Imani . They are seen together  a lot in this  first book but the  2nd book  when they finally reach the  big werewolf  community there  love  will be  tested  because   of werewolf  law.   They basically have to compete  for a mate.   So  there you  go I will  be introducing    new characters  in the  2nd book of course.

This is why I’m   having  problems .  Because  I  just can’t wait to  write these storylines.

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Do you  have  Additional  storyline that you struggle to add  in your  novel?

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