June 8, 2023


About a week ago  I wrote a post about exploring the immortality of werewolves . I explored  that in most werewolf folklore that the werewolf is not necessarily immortal because they can die  from their  wounds. Although they can regress their age and appear young. 

I  mentioned five types  of immortality:

  •  prolonged  lifespan or  eternal youth.:  where   a being lives  and stays  young but they can  be killed if mortally wounded.( most common in  fiction  and explored through objects such as the fountain of youth or a magic  elixir )   
  • Undeath  immortality –  where a being  has died  but they are still  alive . (example vampire  or zombie)
  • Reincarnation   immortality – where a being  dies  but  comes  back to life  over and over  again  in different  forms.
  • Postmortality-  where  a being lives on in the afterlife after  they die.  ( examples  of post mortality  is usually explored  in many  cultures famous ones  being heaven and vahalia )
  • Absolute immortality – is where  the  being cannot be harmed in anyway  or  die  at all and is basically indestructible    and then is one  of the reasons why it can be explained  why immortality  is  used as a curse in some fiction  novels.

In my work in progress  werewolf novel my werewolves are necessarily immortal.  Since  (spoiler) there are not  and never will be bitten humans who turn into werewolves in my novel. My  werewolves are hereditary werewolves who can live  and  have lived  for ages due to a curse they  enabled  as regular wolves . Therefore  being in reverse where  they can turn human. 

There are different  types of  these  cursed  werewolves  that have lived  forever  and it is hard  to kill them. The main type of cursed  werewolves   that can live  forever are the  original wolves  werewolves and  their  offspring .  Practically nothing  can kill these  werewolves   except other  werewolves .  In my  work in progress novel  I only mention  6  throughout the whole  series .  There are probably  others  but  they are just around.  

This  type  of immortality  matches  somewhat with  the prolonged  lifespan  or eternal  youth  immortality . My werewolves can look  young or old  forever however it is based  on how old they were as a wolf.

My original wolves  can  mate  with  humans thus creating a  2nd type  of werewolf.  These werewolves  cannot live forever . They  can grow old and live up to 50 years .

The  reincarnation immortality  and  absolute  immortality   are also types of immortality that my werewolves  have  but are very  rare among my werewolves.       

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