September 27, 2023
The First Kraldire

The First Kraldire





The wolf god Courian allowed the Dirus pack to becomes the most prominent wolf pack in The Canar lands, A land of wonderous foliage and expansive mountains for miles and miles that was filled of every type of wolf you can imagine. 

Courian then appointed the wolves their first ever Kraldire; an eternal wolf leader and protector who had the unique eye color different from the rest of the wolves of either silver, green or orange.

He chose Acai, a young dire wolf with the menacing eye color of Green amethyst. But Acai who was a strong courageous wolf had his work cut out for him.

Acai’s Kraldire rule was based on the law of the wolves, where all wolves must hunt by working together, must not hunt for pleasure, must not fight or hunt other species. Must not eat their food where it laid. And only fight each other during the ritual bluffing ceremony. 

As Kraldire, Acai set up a ranking system within each single pack; alphas male and female, beta male and female, hunter, runners, sentries, den mother, healers, yearlings, pups, omega thus creating a structured fight called the ritual bluffing ceremony. It was like the gladiator games of ancient Rome, but each individual wolf was only allowed to fight for their position in the pack once every year during the blue hour. If they fought or went against the pack outside of the ceremony, they could be ousted and deemed an omega or even put to death.

But Acai had never had the need to resort to such means. He trusted the wolf packs and gave each wolf the opportunity to correct their mistakes without getting involved.

However, one day A wolf from another pack disobeyed the law of the wolves. They hunted another species that crossed the lands.  

 Acai made a judgement. But that judgement would ultimately cause him his seat as leader of the wolves.  He chose to sentence the pack who to death because they risked the wolf’s survival to possibly start a war with another species. 

On the eve of the next blue hour when Courian descended he determined although Acai had been a worthy ruler, he bestowed a heavy judgement on his own species.

 And so, as recourse Acai’s time as leader would come to an end.  

A new Kraldire would now rule.

But no Kraldire would ever rule for eternity again.   A new Kraldire would now be chosen every hundred years. 

At the end of the hundred years each Kraldire would go to a land called Gravandier.

And so, as the first Kraldire, leader, king of the wolves, Acai walked that lonely wolf road to Gravandier; a cold icy wasteland where wolves pass on.

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