April 15, 2024
The First Words Awake Chapter 9 -A DTBH WIP NOVEL TEASER

The First Words Awake Chapter 9 -A DTBH WIP NOVEL TEASER

Sirena with the first words awake from a dream about her father, wakes up in the medical clinic and remembers the teenage werewolves that saved her from the bear on the mountains and also that Gaby’s body is in the mountains. She finds a magical fairytale dagger in her mother’s boyfriend’s desk .

The work in progress novel “During the Blue Hour,” -about a teenage girl who discovers her ancestry belongs to a celestial race of extinct wolves. I’m almost finished with my second draft and so Each Monday around 5:00 -5:30pm I will release a snippet of the chapters that I’m working on and currently writing . Learn more about the work in progress novel at https://www.discoveringthebluehour.com/about-the-blue-hour/ Leave your feedback and questions in the comments below.

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