November 29, 2022


Have you ever wondered why wolves were linked to the moon?  I have and I always hated hearing those stories of how wolves howl at the moon. And it being the fact and the reason why men turn into the werewolf in movies in books. Because it is simply not true. Yup not true.  Did you know that the howling wolf  at the time of the full moon is just a mere myth?

So how did this all start?  

Since I ‘m in the mist of the 2nd draft of my work in progress werewolf novel, During the Blue Hour, I did some research, and my findings are quite interesting. 

So, wolves usually just howl to communicate whether it be rain or shine, dawn or night.  So, the full moon makes no correlation  to a howling wolf.  And the only reason why they are titling their head in a sort of way is because it helps the sound of their call to travel better.  And  the only reason you hear them at night howling is because they are of course nocturnal animals.

In most cultures around the world in ancient times and in  Greek, Norse, Roman and   Native American    mythology wolves were revered where most tales or creation stories were said to have a wolf creating   the moon in some sort of way.  Moreover, they are spiritually linked with the night and creation of the moon.

In addition, one of the reasons why the wolf it seems to howl at the moon is because that’s when us humans probably heard them more often and it just happened to be a full moon. But remember they are nocturnal creatures.  And the light of the full moon gives  the best opportunity for a great hunt.  

Although I do not   write any of my werewolves   or wolves howling at a moon or any context of a moon   in my current work in progress novel.  I do use the weather (WHAT IS THE STORM IN MY WIP NOVEL? THE WEATHER IS CHANGING;GET READY!) and other astronomic feats to hype up the story for their howling and  communication  efforts. I will talk more about that in a later post.   

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 About wolves and the howling moon 

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