March 20, 2023
The Next 5 Werwolf Podcast Episodes(Coming Soon)

The Next 5 Werwolf Podcast Episodes(Coming Soon)



I’m catching up with watching and reviewing any and all werewolf shows since my channel / blog / book deals with werewolves. The Next podcast episode will be a review about the newest Teen Wolf Movie. I will try to create a werewolf tv/ movie/ book review every other podcast episode . I can’t do it every episode even though I would like to. So after I do a review about teen wolf on my podcast I will be doing an indepth anaylsis about The White Wolf of Hartz Mountain. Followed by maybe some more werewolf mythology episodes. I ‘ll be revising and reediting my older podcast episodes and uploading full visual podcast episodes to youtube .

I have changed the thumbnail covers for my podcast episodes to reflect the theme of my podcast blog/website . If you have any comments about that let me know of any suggestions.

Smaller future video content:

Next video will be about Arcadia and werewolf cults

Why do wolves howl at the moon?


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