May 18, 2024
The Storm Has Finally Arrived  At the End of my Chapter 10

The Storm Has Finally Arrived At the End of my Chapter 10

So the finished  chapter 10  of my 2nd draft  eventually came  to  1091 words. I finished it last night  so I’m on to chapter  11. 

I  talked about chapter 10 a  couple of weeks ago .

Cristan confronts the rest of his pack  in this chapter and the truth as  he knows  it about  Sirena.

He doesn’t  want to admit to the pack that  Sirena  might not be human .  The  rest of the pack wants to get away from the town and  the mountain.   I left off  the chapter  with the three pack members  leaving Cristan  high and dry  but  he still  has to stay on the mountain.  So at the end of this chapter the  earth diver orders him to get the pack and help  Sirena  because the storm has arrived .

I’m  going  to rename  the chapter : THE STORM IS HERE 

I  explained in an earlier post what the storm  was WHAT IS THE STORM IN MY WIP NOVEL? So check  it out if you want .

I ‘m going to be  starting chapter  11  today. 

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How did you  end your chapter 10?  

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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