April 15, 2024
The Viātors of  the Caelum

The Viātors of the Caelum

Author Till Credner

The Viators of the Caelum. What is it? You might ask. It’s a group of characters in my work in progress novel During the Blue Hour. Like I said in other posts l like to be original when it comes to creating. Does it sound interesting? I never mentioned it before but I will be talking about this more in the coming days.

But let me tell you a little about it now to peak your interest.

Viator , if anybody is familiar is a Latin word for traveler

Caelum is a small faint constellation in the S hemisphere close to Eridanus it is also Latin for the sky, heaven but it is a rare word and it was formerly known as Caelum Sculptorium (“the engravers’ chisel”)


Who are the Viators of Caelum in my novel?
Well they are celestial beings who are also considered To be servants of time itself within all universes. They are both the antagonist and protagonist of the Hour Series. Some are evil and some are good and are thought to be the most powerful beings in all the universes. Some are considered most knowledgeable of the secrets and are keepers and protectors of those secrets.

There are three types of Viators of Caelum.

I do not mention them directly in the my first work in progress novel During the Blue Hour but a benevolent Viator of Caelum appear all through out During the Blue hour . This viator is a guardian to the Caninruh Werewolves. .

I will be having more content about the Viators of Caelum coming soon.

If you liked this quick blog about my Work in progress world I will be posting more content like this and make sure you know that you can feel free to give me suggestions and feedback on how to improve During the Blue hour video concepts, blogs, short stories and more.


I have a novel concept video The Viātors of the Caelum: Earth Diver Novel Concept Short film 8 that goes more in-depth on the type of Viators of Caelum if you would like to see it.

In the meantime let’s start a dialogue:

What characters have you made up for your work in progress?

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