September 27, 2023


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The other day  I wrote  a little bit about the class structure and sub groups  of my werewolves and the hierarchies  in another post.  Those are  two important  worldbuilding   components  when writing  a fantasy novel.   

I also mentioned  the different races  or  species  that I have in my world. One  of the races  and species are the  humans.  But in my novel  I call them mortals.     

What’s a fantasy novel without  humans and  human society right?   I’m sure there are those fantasy novels that  only just  have fantasy mythical creatures but no humans. I ‘m assuming it is very rare .  But  having  humans in your novel  with the other mythical creatures  I guess makes the reader more  invested  in the novel.  But I don’t think  that is always true.  Its according to how you write it.  You got to have a balance . 

Some authors have done  it  right  and created  that balance  with believable  human characters  living amongst fantastical creatures.  The human  characters  in those  societies  go on  to  be fleshed out properly.  

Nonetheless , I  have a human society in my  novel .  In  my first draft I didn’t  really concentrate  on and incorporate  the human society  all that much . I didn’t  really  have a balance . I guess that is my  writing  fault  I have to work on and improve.  And in this 2nd draft that is what I’m trying to do . Create a  balance  of  human society  rules and  structure and  werewolf rules and structure. Because it’s really  just those  two worlds  I’m  concentrating on.    

All and all  trying to create the balance  is hard  especially  when all you want to write about  is your mythical  fantasy characters and world. The human  world  is  a done that , been there , old   news , boring kind of  element  in fantasy  novels.  Cliché? Maybe ? I’m sure many writers reinvented the wheel once or twice with a human fantasy world.

But  I’m not going to promise you that and niether any human lead  characters.  I  know  what you might  be  saying? Not another Vampire Diaries  situation.  I know  Matt on the Vampire  Diaries did get a  bad  deal didn’t he?  

But my novel  sorta of will be like that. With very few humans taking center stage. Not that I don’t concentrate on ordinary human characters because I do. The three ordinary human characters I concentrate on is Gabby, Eli & Helene. In the first draft I didn’t concentrate on them much like the whole human society. But once again they are not the lead focus in the werewolf novel.  You never see many stories  just focusing on werewolves .  So that’s  what I wanted to do. And this draft and hopefully my final plot and structual draft there is more of a balance with these humans co existing with the werewolves on the same planet. It will not at all be a Matt/Jeremy Vampire Diaries situation.

But  since  I  told  you a little  about the werewolves already,  let me  dive  in and go furthur and tell  you a little  about the human groups  in my novel series. 

There are three human groups that take center stage only after the werewolves and the three ordinary mentioned humans  in the hour series:



An Ashman  is a  mortal  shaman  with magical or healing powers. They are also priest and monks of a community. Some powerful Ashman have the ability to bring back mortals from the dead, travel to the Eternal realm or talk to the dead. Some powerful Ashman also  have their own Eternal guide and have the ability to astral project into an Eternal animal, changing their physical self into their Eternal  animal. They have the power to summon immortal magical beings and put anyone into a trance. Some Ashman participate in an annual ceremony to appease the mythological god and goddess.

The Ashman in the Hour Series possess the ancient Knowledge of the universe that is locked in their minds. They are tracked and killed by the  Kraldire(wolf leader)  who believes they have the power to unlock it. Ashman can die like any normal mortal. Some Ashman can be werewolves but that is rare.


Are  MORTAL hunters who go after  the caninruh werewolves. They are members of the Dímios socity . And possess strong tracking and fighting skills . The weapons they use to hunt the caninruh are strychnine nux poison, fire, spike chain collars, animal cages, and a high frequency whistle device that draws out the caninruh and immobilizes them. They are very perceptive and knowledgeable.


Are usually  natual healers and  exorcist   who believe in curing the caninruh of their evil spirits by cutting out the heart,  through their stomach in order to cure them. Afterwards they sow the stomach up.   They live and hunt in the FOREST mountainous regions of RED SILVA MOUNTAIN  .   They are perceptive and possess very strong tracking skill , using the luring, and calling  method  of hunting and usually a safyral, the sword of burning hearts, a  healing dagger that has been blessed to cut through the stomach which is poisonous to the caninruh after it has been blessed. The CASTUS men are the only ones who can perform the exorcism and the woman are usually the ones who trap and hunt the caninruh.

This is just a little   bit  about the types of humans in my novel.   I will delve further into  the human society  in  future  post and podcast  episodes.  

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What’s your favorite  human and human society  in a fantasy  novel  with other mythical creatures that you read ? Which author do you think did  it well?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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