September 26, 2023
WEREWOLVES IN FICTION:Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood Moments

WEREWOLVES IN FICTION:Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood Moments

Image by Prawny from Pixabay

As you well  know  Little Red riding hood  is by  far one of the most famous  fairytales  their  ever was  about  Werewolves. But  no one  really ever talks about or analysis the story in that aspect .You have the  talking  wolf that is by far  in every way  considered  a werewolf. I know it’s an  anamorphic animal  but  he literally stalks  humans  ie  little red  and devours the grandmother . An although  there  is no howling at  a moon  there  are versions of   Little  red  riding  hood  that  delivers on werewolf mythologies  and  legends of the  past.

Some  being;

  • 11  century version  by a  cathedral schoolmaster named  Egbert of Liège
  • La finta nonna (The False Grandmother), written  by Italo Calvino in the Italian Folktales collection
  • Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

With  that  being said  I will be analyzing  Little red  riding hood in-depth  in a later  podcast episode. Because  my work in progress novel During the Blue Hour has a lot of  Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood  scares  and  Moments.

What’s your opinion about Little red riding hood really being about werewolves?

Do you have any big bad wolf moments in your novel?

Let me know in the comments below and lets start a dialogue.

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