April 15, 2024
Novel Concept Short Film 1  What Happened to the Wolves?

Novel Concept Short Film 1 What Happened to the Wolves?

once long ago their was a
period of twilight each morning and
evening when the sun was at a
significant distance below the horizon and the residual.During the blue hour, wolves, a creature that was said to roam the lands before man ever existed,
worshiped a celestial entity named Coruian or rather what man called
the northern lights. No one knows where or how the wolves came to exist. But no one knows exactly when or how they became
extinct either.

A concept shortfilm based on the wip novel “During the Blue Hour,” -about a teenage girl who discovers her ancestry belongs to a celestrial race of extinct wolves.

the Discover the Blue hour podcast  channel ; writing advice, thoughts & ramblings for a upcoming wip novel During the Blue Hour about a different type of werewolf.

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