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In werewolf mythology different plants  are harmful  to the werewolf  such as  mistletoe , mountain ash,  rye, and of course  the most famous  one of them all  wolfsbane.  However, in my work in progress  werewolf novel I don’t use these  plants   as a fatal  tool  against them. Instead I use poppy tears or  as we know  it as  opium or Poppy seeds.  Let me tell you a  little about it.  


Poppies  have  often been used as  a symbol  for sleep, peace and death. Poppy is most  commonly known as a flower plant called Papaveroideae of the family Papaveraceae.   You  even see  some people make  pastries  with the flower. Even though  the   seeds produced from Papaver somniferum and Papaver paeoniflorum can be eaten  it is often  used as an  effective  medicine to numb pain when injured or ill. 

Called  hul gil in  ancient Mesopotamia. The ancient people named  it that way  because  it was considered the ‘joy plant’. Over   the  centuries the name  of the poppy has  been  referred to as  opium or  poppy tears , which is made from the white liquid in the poppy plant. It  is also called  poppy tears because The latex liquid of the plant  runs down the plant, similar to tears.  But  for many  centuries  the flower  has been overused for it  euphoric effect because  it contains  morphine and codeine.

It  was said that Roman gladiators used  opium to improve their fighting but also  to be able to numb the pain when they died.   Opium  from the poppy plant can  likewise be produced and turned  into a fatal  drug called heroine .

In additions poppies can  be and is poisonous especially  to dogs  . The alkaloids found in poppies differ with each species; some can affect the central nervous system . Ingestion of any part of the plant can result in sedation or an excited state.  signs of poppy or opioid poisoning include hallucinogen, crying, pinpoint pupils for dogs.

This  is not the case  for just  poppies.  this is all  plants that are  poisonous to dogs.  That is probably why  within werewolf mythology the other plants  mistletoe , mountain ash,   rye, and wolfsbane is commonly  used .  But   they could  have  probably just have used any plant such as  chocolate for example  .  Which is also poisonous  to dogs  but I don’t use  that  in my novel.  I chose the use of poppy.   Let me show  you how I  use it in my work in progress.


In my  work and progress  novel During the Blue  Hour I named  this plant  simply  Hul gil or  poppy tears.  It is an unknowingly deadly addictive paralysis plant to the caninruh  werewolf race and causes a slow and painful death to arise overtime .  It is very rare  at the start of  1st novel and throughout the series but does grow  in a place called  Dimond Mist Valley,  a pocket of lost  earth  masked away  far  away in the mountains  and desert  where mythological creatures are said to roam .


Poppy tears has a dormant magical effect on the Caninruh  werewolf race .  As a calming drug it appears to put asleep their beastly emotions and leave them human with only their celestial power apparent and always a euphoric like feeling .With one dose ,  the poppy tears  can stay in their system for up to a year without having them transition or crave for a human heart. But It is not natural  for the caninruh to stay just in one form for a long time . They must release their emotional hormones  and transform into the beast or human  alternately to survive.

If they keep using it or just one time unknowingly in human form they’ll slowly become sick over time  and their nerves will begin to  deteriorate making them weak and unable to walk. If and When it starts to leave their system it will cause a fatal reaction, by  first making them  have animalistic  mood swings in their human state, then transform into the beast. Soon after transforming into the beast  they experience paralysis and a quick shutdown of functions, then death.

yearling caninruh  werewolves  experience the effects of hul gil much quicker than the older werewolves. And the years speed up in their bodies making it if not taken more than once, the doses last less than a year and more like a  month.

Only a couple  of werewolf characters use  it:

Zios  uses in from 701 ad- his death

His daughter Lilly uses it from about the age of 17 to her death

I don’t know if I want one of the younger yearling werewolves to use it yet.

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