April 14, 2024
What is the Arctos  Pack?

What is the Arctos Pack?

When I first  started to do my research for my work in progress werewolf novel During the Blue Hour I did  research on actual  wolves. I talk more about this in my first podcast  episode PODCAST #1.

My findings led me to each wolf species ( I’ll write another post about the many different types  of wolves) having a  scientific name. And so I decided  that it would be cool  to have the werewolf  pack names based off the scientific names of real wolves. I mean I’m not  the first person to probably think of the idea. But I found it as being an original idea and concept for my novel. 


Arctos is  short  for the scientific name Canis lupus arctos. Which is known as the Artic wolf, white wolf or polar wolf. The arctic wolf is  a sub-species of the grey wolf canine species. They are bulkier than the grey wolves, often weighing over 100 pounds. They are usually native to places like North America, Canada , Greenland  and Alaska.  

It’s kind of interesting that also the Arctic wolf is not afraid of humans. In Canada they are  said to go up to humans and follow them  curiously. However, there were instances  of wolf attacks on humans. Researchers came to find out after killing  one of the wolves because  it  attacked  one of the humans that the wolves  are susceptible to getting rabies. Therefore, the Arctic wolf  only attacked the human because of rabies.

Their  migration movements have been said hard to track due  to climate. It is also said the arctic wolf had  faced  threats of extinction in the mid 90s.  But are not in any threat anymore unlike the grey wolf.  So there is no conservation  concerns because they live in such an isolated  region and they can live up to 7 -10 years.  They have proportionally smaller ears and they can survive in some of the coldest places on earth due  to their thick coats .


In my novel to keep it small and  not confusing I refer  to only 3 main werewolf packs; Arctos, Orion pack, and the Apennine  pack. The Arctos pack in my novel During the Blue Hour is the main pack  and protagonist. They stem from  one of the Ancient  wolf  packs of the 1st world that were divided and given it’s name by the wolf god  Courian .

A lot of the prominent main characters that are in my novel  descend from  the ancient  wolf pack Arctos. In the work in progress novel , the Arctos pack however,  is nearly exterminated  by  the Kraldire Werewolf Council.  However is survived by my main character Sirena and three other teenage werewolves. They are classified as the last Arctos Yearling  Pack.

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I have a novel concept video that goes more in-depth on the Last Arctos Pack if you would like to see it. THE LAST ARCTOS PACK Novel Concept short film 6

In the meantime let’s start a dialogue:

What scientific names have you researched  that  you use when writing your novel?

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