July 20, 2024


One of my most  favorite fictional element  is the Trickster.  I like the trickster  characters  because well  they are fun , entertaining , and mysterious characters. The trickster   character  is a global  character figure throughout fiction.  So who is the trickster in fiction? 

Let’s go and explore a  bit.

There  are  many  architypes  that  writers use  when we write our fiction. From  Heroes, heroines,  the sage magician  , to the  villain monster   but we also use the trickster  . 

The   trickster  is exactly what is named  for.   A person who plays  tricks or pranks on other people.   Because   of  course   we  need  a light  entertainment comic   in our very heavy  , deep , emotional  fictional stories.

The trickster  even though they bring comic relief  sometimes   to  the writers  story  are used  sometimes as a hindrance to the main heroes   of the story  making their  journey’s difficult but in the end  they  have helped  the hero tremendously.

They are usually seen as   the very smart  and  intelligently  clever ones   in the story  that have   a   in my  retrospect a  sort    ‘god complex’   but  not  in that way but  in a ‘they know   all secrets’  kind of way.  That’s just my opinion   though.  I say   this because   tricksters  in fiction  defy   all the  rules that are supposed to  be set up. They question  everything. They just do whatever   the hell  they want. And  most importantly they disrupt the hell  out  of the main characters and turn their already upside  down world  even  more turbulent.

In many cultures they are the  Gods   of mischief  left   untouched by the  cataclysms that happen in  the stories.

Examples  of  famous  tricksters in  fiction  from  around the world

  • LOKI
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • Hermes
  • Cupid
  • Puck
  • Anansi

In my  work in progress novel  During the Blue Hour, I use  the raven  as the trickster . The  Raven  is commonly known as the trickster in Native American culture and mythology.   

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