November 30, 2023
Writers Block is Gone For Right Now

Writers Block is Gone For Right Now


So finally my writers block is gone for right now . I was torn with what to write because in my first draft there was a totally different scene and then after I thought I wrote a scene but I really didn’t . It was actually just a stream of voice notes I took for the 2nd draft of what I wanted to add in the scene.

So the other day I managed to start the 30th chapter within my 2nd draft of my werewolf novel During the Blue Hour. Right now the scene is at 332 words The new title for the chapter is called A New Reality . I had that for a previous chapter title but I changed it. So now this chapter is named that.

The summary/synopsis for this chapter is : Sirena staggers home on an open deserted road tramatized and suddenly hearing all the sounds of the world that normal people can’t hear because her werewolf powers are suddenly becoming apparent. Someone is following her.

Questions to answers I want to explore:

Who is following her?

Where is Adrian?

Why is the road deserted even though its morning?

I plan to have her go home after being in the mountain to be intercepted by her mom . They will argue . Her mom will turn her into the police because she believes she started the fire that was in my previous chapter . Sirena will get arrested . So that is all I have for right now and of course there is more to come I just got to write it.

Let me know how your writing is coming along . I would love to hear.

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