September 27, 2023


I don’t write consistently every day.   I used to but did it help with getting the novel done?  Well 11 years later I’m still working on the same novel because life gets in the way.

Writing consistently doesn’t mean writing every day.  Then what does it mean?

Let me explain,  I feel like   writing   consistently is basically committing  to one project until you finish it. 

Even though I spent 11 years on and off writing my work in progress novel During the Blue Hour I’m consistently  committed to finishing it.    And it’s something I always come back to no matter what I’m   working on. 

However, committing to one project might be hard as well.      

How do I commit to this one project so I can consistently write well?  

I set small goals or milestones for the project. 

Never specific dates.

Setting goals and milestones is the key to consistent committed novel writing. 

If you set   goals as the writer, you won’t get disappointed when you can’t or don’t   write every day. 

Setting small milestones and goals can allow the writer to achieve the impossible moments and hurdles when writing   and finishing up the   novel.

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How do you write   consistently?

I want to know so let me know in the comments below.

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