September 25, 2023


So I finally finished with chapter 13  finishing up the chapter with 5554  words .  Is  that too much  for one  chapter?  Well so I will  figure the answer  for that question later.  With finishing up this  chapter  the  last scene was  entitled  Sword of Burning Hearts. This last  scene was  basically a tie  into the overall title  of the whole chapter which if you can remember was called Dagger of Memories .

With this the overall title Dagger of Memories  the reader can imply that maybe  the chapter is based on a flashback . Which it is true. But the flashback does not  appear  until the very last scene Sword  of Burning  Hearts  of chapter 13. 

This scene is  in the POV  of Adrian the 2nd love interest of the main character Sirena.

Within the flashback scene  of  Sword of Burning hearts

Adrian will remember a deadly memory  from  his past  about his parents  and how  he came to be  with Cristen and his parents  pack.

Creating the flashback is tricky because usually  when you  write a flashback you are breaking  concentration and losing the pace  of the main story.

To write this flashback for the last scene within my  chapter 13  I used the dagger that Adrian finds within the scene to trigger  his memory  of the past because he has seen that  dagger  before .

 I did this  because  when writing a flashback  you don’t want to write and create a flashback out  of nothing .  So this particular  trigger   is used as a  transition  smoothly into the  flashback scene .

There  are  two types  of  transitions .  A  jarring transition and a smooth transition and can be bought upon by an emotional  or physical trigger . A  trigger announces that we are about to enter a flashback as so not to lose  the pace  of the story.   And it is a device that is used that causes  the character to recall  something from his past .  The  trigger  is usually  seen within the  flashback  revealing  something  hasn’t  been seen  yet or understood about that particular character .

I feel like in my work in progress this   flashback  for  this scene  I wrote is important to  my character Adrian  is because  it kind  of also goes  in-depth into  why  he acts the way he acts and  explains  much of his actions through my story .   

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