April 15, 2024
Writing the Werewolf Novel: Escaping Prison With A Feather CH. 31/32

Writing the Werewolf Novel: Escaping Prison With A Feather CH. 31/32


Writing the werewolf novel : Chapter 31- 32 of my wip novel During the Blue Hour is now done for this 2nd draft. This particular chapter finished with a little over 5,989 words. I know maybe a bit long again. But all together so far this 2nd draft is now over 68,000 words. This chapter has three scenes and goes back and fourth between POV main character Sirena and Adrian. Within these two scenes I have Eli Sirena’s friend in the scene and Helene who I write some secrets that they hold and Sirena will find out thier secrets.

The summary/synopsis for this scene chapter 31 is : Escaping Prison With A Feather.

The 1st scene is in Adrian’s POV and he follows Sirena who has been captured by spider agents(police) after running away from her mother and Is interrogated by the main officer who he thinks sees him following Sirena. Adrian has to come up with a plan in this scene before the divers mud wears off and Sirena is sent to the desert wasteland yermo.

The next scene is in Sirena’s POV and she is thown into a cell to await going to the desert wasteland and she sees Eli who has also been thrown into a cell. Sirena tells him she is a werewolf and he believes her . At this point Adrian comes into the cell and breaks them out.

Scene 3 Back in Adrian’s Pov in this scene he is leading Sirena and Eli down the hallway but Sirena mentions that her fathers journal is in the office. Adrian needs the journal so he goes back to find it encountering the officer from before.

The summary/synopsis for this scene chapter 32 is : Canary Creeper

In this chapter unknown truths will finally be revealed as Sirena and Adrian find out about a new deadly , lethal threat.

Alot happens in this chapter which takes place in Sirena’s POV . Even though ythey get out of the jailhouse from my last scene they are kind of now stuck in the school thinking it would be safe but Sirena in this scene finds out a lot of secrets both from Eli and Helene. Adrian has to save Sirena and Eli once again and causes a total destruction in the town. They find out something both confounding and dangerous out about Eli.

These two chapters took a couple of weeks but I got alot done. The next chapter I’m writing now is chapter 33 and i’m completeing a 100 word midnight writing challenge to get it done

So I’ll let you know how it goes.

Let me know how your writing is coming along . I would love to hear.

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