March 5, 2024
Writing the Werewolf Novel: In a Bed of Mountain Roses CH.33

Writing the Werewolf Novel: In a Bed of Mountain Roses CH.33


Okay so I continued and completed another chapter , chapter 33 last night for my midnight writing challenge and I just went ahead and knocked it out and completed 1574 words but these were rewritten from my 1st draft , and so I don’t know if that really counts.

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In this scene it is in my main characters love interest pov Cristen who is the yearling alpha and Sirena my main character has come back to the den/cave to seek help from Cristen with being a new werewolf and so he is shocked and suprised that she came back but refuses to help her.

The scene is a little different from the first draft but only slightly with the edition of Sirena’s human friend coming along with her into the werewolf’s den and then the pack
wondering what he is . Because they dont think he is human . That’s the only edition to this particular scene . In the first draft her friend never finds out she is a werewolf but in this draft I have made alot of changes where he does and he is the only human who can be around the werewolves.

But otherwise I feel satisfied with the scene and I’m ready to continue on to the next scene/ and chapters.

I didnt think I would have so much chapters in this 2nd draft where as the 1st draft was 22 chapters with the addition of a prologue and Epilogue .

This draft is longer chapter wise because each of the four POVs that I wrote each have thier own chapter whereas in the 1st draft each pov was split to thier own scene per chapter.

The summary/synopsis for this scene chapter 33 is : In a Bed of Mountain Roses

Crisen is surprised by Sirena’s return but angry and jealous that Adrian was the one to convince her to come back. He must make up his mind to train her and ready the pack to leave the mountain. Cristen and the pack are also suprised and confounded by Eli’s unexpected arrival

I named this chapter In a Bed of Roses after the idiom meaning comfort and easy . However my POV character Cristen in this chapter is not facing a bed of roses with the urgency of having to take the responsibilty of taking care of his pack and whether to choose to train my main character Sirena.

In addition In a Bed of Roses is also named for this chapter due to the fact that Cristen thinks Sirena smells like mountain roses which dont grow in the mountains where my story takes place.

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