March 4, 2024
Writing the Werewolf Novel: When a Werewolf Betrays thier pack

Writing the Werewolf Novel: When a Werewolf Betrays thier pack


What happens when a werewolf betrays thier pack? Well alot really can happen . Choas ensues. Let me delve deeper.

My Chapter 39 , Betrayal in my wip werewolf novel is now completed at 1461 words . Adrian makes a choice to betray the pack and hands them over to the werewolf council.

Six more chapters to go.


This chapter and scene was a continuation of the last scene. This time in Adrian’s point of view. So he is really going through with turning in his pack to the werewolf council . He is somewhat pissed and upset because in my last chapter Sirena has left after finding out what Cristen did to her friend. And so Adrian is ready to fight Cristen in this scene over Sirena leaving. But Adrian has that one card up his sleeve and that’s turning Cristen over to the werewolf council. Because he really wants to become alpha of the pack.

I didnt have to do alot of rewriting like I thought I might have for this scene . It’s in a way the same scene from my first draft . But the thing is I had to rewrite all the other scenes to line up with this scene. But so far its working out okay. I wrote it in a way where alot is going to happen that results in a domino effect of choas that Adrian can’t go back on.

And in the moment he turns Cristen into the council there is this look . He is scared. In the next chapters which will be the closing chapters of my the novel, everything will fall into place as an outcome of what he did ; which is betraying his pack.

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