September 30, 2023


Original post date:MAR 17, 2021 AT 5:40 PM

I used to not know a lot about podcasting, But I am learning each day.

Two years ago, I did some research, and I was like okay maybe I can do this. But then everybody was doing it. But I still told myself I can do it.  There is a lot of different podcast. And you can talk about things in a lot of different ways.  So, I tried to figure out what I wanted my podcast to be about. I wanted to talk about my wip novel I have been working on since 2008. Yeah, that is a long time, right? I got a lot of things I want to talk about within my wip like the process and what not.  So, the podcast is a great idea. And like I blogged in other posts I want this podcast to be able to help other writers, whether they are new or seasoned writers.

In my podcast I don’t bore other writers by just talking about my own work. That would be unfair.  I Talk about the overall writing process as a whole and then I try to tie it into my own work.

My process in preparing my podcast for me takes sometimes a couple of days. Sometimes a couple of weeks. I’m pretty busy with other things as well that is why it takes me long to do one podcast episode, but my productivity has begun to get rather fast.

Within my process I research the topic thoroughly. Such as, well one of my podcast themes were about fairytales. And so, I researched fairytales. Not that I don’t know anything about fairytales but when I create an episode, I want to be correct and on point for the ones that listen. I try not to have a long-drawn-out podcast. My podcast last anywhere from 20- 45 minutes sometimes shorter. At the beginning of each podcast, I create somewhat of a radio show snippet of a small scene from the wip built with sound effects and music hoping to intrigue the listener.

Creating a podcast is hard and a lot of work just like writing a novel is lot of hard work. Lately I have been experimenting with the podcast hoping listeners would enjoy my content and that it helps them in some way or another. That is my ultimate goal.

What is your ultimate goal as a podcaster?

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