December 8, 2022


Did you know One of the first mentions of a werewolf in print was Marie de France’s poem “Bisclavret,” in the 1200s.

A tale that involves a conniving deceiving wife and a noble hansom baron named Bisclavret ; a tale that heralds from Brittany.

In the tale Bisclavret and his wife get along well but the thing is he disappears for three days every week and she gets pissed with that because he doesn’t tell her where he is going. She thinks he is cheating. He promises her he is not cheating on her and tells her the truth that he turns into a werewolf.

She becomes very sneaky with him. And she asks him how he becomes a werewolf . He tells her he turns into the werewolf when he doesn’t wear any clothes.

So guess what that woman does she steals the clothes. He is trapped as a werewolf and she marries someone else.

Well that’s some bull. It’s crazy, right?

There is more to the tale but you can probably find the poem and read it yourself . It’s very interesting . I like it . I think Marie De France’s was one of the most clever writers of her day.

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