April 15, 2024


I wonder  if after Shakespeare wrote  those  famous  words  in Juliet’s soliloquy

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Did any writers instinctively  check to see if the characters in their stories were named  properly?  Well   I don’t know  about that. Maybe.  But Shakespeare  was smart . He knew that naming a character  had to mean  something. Or else he wouldn’t  have written this line in his play. 

In  today’s  world that one line  that Shakespeare  wrote  is more important than we can even imagine .  At least   for a   writer. 

Why ? You might ask.  What’s in a name?   

Choosing a name  for your characters   is  by  far  the most important  thing a writer should   do.  At least that’s what I think. Because   the name of  your  characters  especially your main characters  is what will allow the reader to get know and understand who that character is. What type of person they are and what  qualities   they have.

Yup all based and centered  around the character’s name. That’s why it’s  important to choose a name carefully.  A name can make or break   whether  a reader will pick up your novel and read your story.  Some character  names  are  the whole  embodiment  of the story .  Without  that character’s  name there  is no story. 

For example  take  stories like   Pollyanna ,  Tom Sawyer , Dracula  ,  Sherlock Holmes ,  Anne  of Green  Gables , and one   of  the most famous ones Harry Potter.  Where would the stories be if the authors of those stories  didn’t  take the time out  to name  the characters  who they were?  Yeah it probably  would  be named something different.  

But these authors took the time out and researched   the names . They matched  qualities, and  mannerisms with  the names.   They probably even changed them a few times before  making it final.

This is why it’s  very important when choosing your character’s  name.  Take your time . Experiment  with it.  It may take a few drafts. 

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