November 29, 2022


Everyone has  dreams and aspirations  that makes a person who they are . These dreams and aspirations  also can make you interesting .Like  you, your characters in your novel should  also have dreams and  aspirations.

These dreams and aspirations are usually  goals that the characters need  or  want to achieve. Your characters dreams and aspiration(goals)  is  what drives  the novel.  Without the characters   dreams and aspirations  your  novel falls completely apart and  the story itself may  feel incomplete. Allowing your characters to have dreams and aspirations  it   keeps your characters on  track throughout  the story.

Giving your character something to strive for is important to your novel .

In my work in progress  werewolf novel, During the Blue Hour, my main character Sirena’s  dreams  and aspirations is to get  out of her town and  become a ballet  dancer. She is even able to  somewhat achieve  part of her  goal of winning  a scholarship  at the beginning   of the novel.  However her dream  is  taken away from her  after finding out she is a werewolf .

And thus cannot  dance because her  abilities.  This new found obstacle  pushes her  to  find  a way for a cure so she can dance again.   But  throughout the story  more  and more  obstacles are thrown  at her  preventing  her from   reaching  her main goal of becoming a  ballerina  throughout the  story .   Moreover, by  the end of the novel  her goals  have changed  and  the one new  goal  she strives  for is  to find a cure .

There  are  two  types  of goals  a character  is  categorized  under:

Societal or external goals is  considered like to save the world type  of goal

Personal or internal goals  is considered  in a way a character prove  to themselves that they are great

Characters can  experience an overlap   with the two goals  . It  can be a private goal   where   the character  has to find  themselves    or  a public   goal where the  characters  expresses   it out loud of what they want to do  . 

No matter the type of  aspirations  or dreams the characters must  always have an obstacle stopping them  from achieving  it but also  a  way to  try  to overcome and  strive to  reach  them .

Remember whatever  dream or aspiration that your character  has must drive  them  forward  in the story.    

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What are your characters dreams and aspirations?

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