April 15, 2024
A Desert Wasteland Called Yermo (SHORT FILM NOVEL CONCEPT) 2

A Desert Wasteland Called Yermo (SHORT FILM NOVEL CONCEPT) 2

A concept shortfilm based on the wip novel “During the Blue Hour,” -about a teenage girl who discovers her ancestry belongs to a celestrial race of extinct wolves.

Outside in Yermo, a desert wastland that lies beyond the boarders of the hamlet town North Sun in the Peledoras nation of the year 2032. Some of the towns people who are called gathers are sent alone or in groups to forage for food.But The wastelands are dangerous. It is always unbearably hot. The journey may take days. Years even.

The ones that go out there and survive do not talk about what they have seen. It’s like they’re one of the soldiers of the old days. They’re traumatized beyond belief . No one knows what’s really out there.Large Mutated scorpions? Huge Jurassic Bears , all the scarey monsters that go bump in the night? Who knows? And then there are some who never come back at all.

The sun is dying out.
Nightfall is arriving too early these days.
The stars are slowly fading away.
upon the precipice of returning to the town exhausted, some claim when they stare up toward the spiral river mountain that glitters like diamonds they swear that they can see a menacing glow of red eyes staring back at them

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